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At Projitz, we understand that a well-structured, diligently followed program schedule is the backbone of any successful project. That’s why we offer world-class Program Scheduling Services, designed to transform your project’s numerous, intricate tasks into a cohesive, manageable, and efficient timeline.

Our Approach:

We believe in proactive planning. By prioritizing tasks, identifying dependencies, and forecasting potential risks, we ensure that your project advances smoothly, avoiding costly overruns and unnecessary delays.


Proposal Planning

Summary Level (TIER I) Planning

IMP Development & Maintenance

IMS Development & Maintenance

Rolling Wave Planning

IPMR / IPMDAR Reporting

Customized Tool & Report Development


Process, Procedure & WI Development

Gap & Compliance Assessment

Features of Our Service:

Detailed Planning

Every good project starts with a great plan. We meticulously break down your project scope into individual tasks, establishing a comprehensive and realistic schedule. Our team works closely with yours to understand each project’s unique requirements and timelines


Whether working a proposal or awarded contract Traceability between scope, schedule, and earned value is vital for project success. t keeps the project focused, identifies variances, aids decision-making, measures progress, and enhances collaboration.

Progress Tracking & Control

Regular monitoring is key to maintaining the timeline integrity. We track the progress of every task, comparing the actual progress with the planned schedule. This allows us to identify potential issues early, keeping your project on track and ensuring transparency at every step.

Risk Management

In an industry where uncertainty is a given, risk management is vital. We use advanced forecasting techniques to anticipate potential challenges and build contingencies into the schedule, helping mitigate delays and disruptions.

Communication & Reporting

Our team maintains open lines of communication, providing regular updates and comprehensive reports. This ensures all stakeholders are well-informed and able to make data-driven decisions.

Compliance & Documentation

We adhere to stringent industry standards, providing comprehensive documentation to satisfy all regulatory and compliance requirements.

Tools Supported: Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera, Deltek Open Plan, Google Smartsheet
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